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Dental implants have a long and proven track record as the most effective and longest-lasting tooth replacement solution. But achieving successful outcomes requires a significant level of expertise in all phases of treatment. This is even more crucial if you’re getting full-mouth dental implants. Our skilled dentist Dr. William Kessler believes in using the latest technology and techniques to deliver the highest quality dental implants in Philadelphia, PA. One of these technologies is guided implant surgery. The primary aim of this surgical technique is to help implant dentists preserve maxillary (upper) anatomical structures, while also enabling a faster, more accurate, and less invasive procedure. With a precision process from start to finish, getting dental implants at Center One Dental Associates will change your smile and life in ways you never thought possible!

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What is Guided Implant Surgery?

To prevent dental implant complications and provide long-term restored dental function and health, a patient’s underlying nerves, sinuses, and bone density/volume must be considered. Placement of full-mouth dental implants in the densest area of the jawbone at the most accurate angle and depth is essential to achieving successful outcomes. Guided implant surgery in Philadelphia, PA involves a highly detailed planning process that starts with a 3D scan of your teeth, jawbone, and other oral structures with our cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner. Using specialized software, Dr. Kessler overlays the radiological image created with CBCT technology with clinical data derived from digital impressions of your mouth to create surgical guides. Accurate implant placement in available bone helps reduce the need for bone grafts and enables patients with more complex anatomical limitations to get dental implants. In addition, this technique simplifies the prefabrication prosthetic process and improves aesthetic results.

At Center One Dental Associates, we frequently create our guides with an in-house Sprintray 3D printer using BlueSky Plan software. In more complex cases, we rely on CHROME™ GuidedSMILE technology from ROE Dental Laboratory. Chrome GuidedSMILE provides step-by-step guidance through all phases, from pre-planning to delivery of All-on-4 to 6 full-mouth dental implants using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology and four guides. GuidedSMILE provides anchored bite verification, bone reduction and site drilling and an accurate method to transfer all surgical and restorative information, making it possible to deliver provisional full arch dental implants in Philadelphia, PA in one day, cost-effectively.

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The Benefits of Guided Implant Surgery

  • More accurate and minimally invasive
  • Streamlined treatment with predictable outcomes
  • Reduced post-operative pain and inflammation
  • Immediate-load, same-day capabilities
  • Improved function, oral health, aesthetics, and well-being

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Enjoy a New Smile and Life with Guided Surgery

With guided implant surgery, you’ll walk out of our office with natural-looking and fully functioning fixed teeth and not have to live another day with the repercussions of tooth loss. After your mouth has healed and the dental implants have integrated with your jawbone, you’ll return to our practice so Dr. Kessler can attach your permanent, beautiful set of new teeth. Digital guided surgery enables getting a life-changing smile that stands the test of time, more comfortably and accurately!

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