Dr. William Avi Kessler - Philadelphia, PA

Meet Dr. William A. Kessler

Dr. William Kessler

Meet Dr. William A. Kessler

Dr. William Avi Kessler was born and raised in Beachwood, Ohio. With an avid interest in biology and working with his hands, he found that dentistry was the perfect solution to combining the two. After graduating from Penn Dental Medicine, he pursued a General Practice Residency program at Albert Einstein Medical Center to diversify his dental skillset and enhance his dental aptitude. He currently serves as a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania where he teaches and mentors 3rd and 4th-year students.

Approaching each day with energy and positivity, Dr. Kessler’s philosophy is to treat each patient with kindness, warmth, and empathy. He believes that he can revolutionize the dental experience for his patients through personalized and transparent treatment plans.

Outside of dentistry, he enjoys cycling around Philadelphia, rock climbing with friends, camping, and other sports.